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don´t take chemicals against insomnia.

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Nov. 23rd, 2015

Is there a place I can buy pre-chopped veggies of the organic variety??

I know this may be very location-specific... but figured it's worth a try asking here.

I want to eat organic foods, and I like to eat a lot of fresh veggies, either in salads or cooked in the crock pot for the day... but I'm going to be pretty busy for a while, so I want to buy pre-chopped stuff. Which I see in the grocery stores around here (like ShopRite) all the time.... but, not the organic varieties.

Is this something Whole Foods might have? Trader Joe's?

The google machine doesn't seem very helpful here, and I just wanted to run this by people who might know without making phone calls to a bunch of places that are a little out of the way ;)

x-posted a few places...
How can I store reused sink water for flushing the toilet that's not going to make a mess or be in the way in the bathroom?

I live in a small apartment.

5 Medications for Scabies Treatment

There are many medications that are available in the market for the killing the human itch mite which causes scabies. Mostly the creams and lotions are recommended to be applied over the whole body even if the infection is restricted to one part of the body.

The following article lists few important and popular medications for scabies treatment.
Since scabies is highly contagious skin infestation therefore if a person is being treated for scabies, it’s must to treat everyone in the vicinity of that person including household members, sexual partners and people at workplace.

Following are some of the medicines which can help you to get rid of the scabies mites effectively.

1. 5% Permethrin cream

5% Permethrin cream is the first recommendation of every doctor because of powerful chemicals in it that can kill scabies mites and their eggs. 5% permethrin is available as a topical cream and is safe for usage for adults, children aged above 2 months.
Permethrin has paralyzing effect on the scabies mites and even destroys their eggs easily.

How to use Permethrin?

The cream has to be directly applied on the skin and not to be ingested. Make sure the cream is applied over each body part from including area between the fingers, toes, genital areas, armpits etc.
After you apply the cream massage it properly and leave for 8-14 hours and then wash it off by taking a shower.


  • Do not apply the cream in the area near the eyes, mouth, vagina or nose.

  • In case you have any allergies or have breathing problems then discuss it with your doctor openly.

  • If the itching or redness continues immediately get back to your doctor.

  • Pregnant women, nursing mothers should also consult the doctor twice before applying this medicine.

2. Crotamiton (Eurax)

Crotamiton can be applied in the form of both cream and a lotion once or twice a day depending on the condition. The cream kills the mites and also reduces itching and even pus filled blisters.

How to use Crotamiton?

The medication has to be applied directly on the skin except eyes, mouth and any part of the body under inflammation. Dry your skin properly and then apply a layer of cream to all the body parts from toes, fingernails and soles of the feet. The medication has to be repeated after 24 hours for effective results. Continue to use it 2 or 3 times a day for faster results.


  • If the problem persists then consult your doctor immediately and do not apply it in excess.

  • In case of allergies or skin infection, don’t hesitate to discuss it with your doctor.

  • Pregnant and breast-feeding women should use this with the doctor’s advice.

  • Lindane lotion

Lindane is another safe drug which is recommended for scabies treatment. Lindane is generally suggested by doctors after permethrin or crotamiton is not able to bring a change in condition.

The lindane lotion helps to avoid re-infestation of the scabies by killing and destroying the scabies mites.

How to use lindane?

Before applying the cream clean your body properly and do not use any other creams or lotions to avoid any allergic reactions. Applying this cream during the night is good enough for an effective treatment.

Apply a thin layer of lindane lotion and spread it properly all over the body. You can apply it on your nails by using a toothbrush which can be later disposed off in a sealed plastic bag.


  • Don’t let the lindane lotion enter your mouth, eyes and even nose.

  • Children and pets should be kept away from the use of lindane lotion.

  • Don’t apply the lotion for more than 12 hours.

  • If the condition persists, then check with the doctor.

4. Ivermectin (Stromectol)

Ivermectin belongs to the family of antihelmintics which kills the scabies mites by paralyzing them. This oral medication is prescribed for the worst condition of scabies which is called as the crusted scabies.

How to use Ivermectin?

You can take Ivermectin medicine simply with a glass of water but with an empty stomach. The dosage would depend on the condition of the disease. But don’t take an overdose against the prescription of the doctor.


  • In case you have allergies then discuss with your doctor.

  • People with a history of liver problems should discuss with doctor before taking the medicine.

  • Don’t consume alcohol after you have taken the medicine and also avoid any physical activity as the medicine causes dizziness.

Pregnant women and people with a weakened immune system should not take this medicine without doctor’s consultation.


  • Sulphur is a major constituent of human body and has wonderful healing properties. Topical Sulfur creams are sued widely for the treatment of scabies. It kills the scabies mites and even is used to cure acne, fungal and other skin infections such as eczema and psoriasis.

  • Dr Scabies cream contains Sulfur which is recommended by doctors for effective scabies treatment. Dr Scabies is a trusted brand for effective treatment of scabies which prepares the cream by compounding Sulfur into Sulfur tincture.

How to use Sulfur?

Just make sure the skin is clean and dry and then apply this cream properly all over the body. It is to be applied for about 2-3 times a day.

The right plants will do much good

Hello Readers, how are you today ?

I am healing from the dog attack on July 29th 2015 which resulted in 8 stitches on the top of my right hand due to a number of different non-traditional methods I am trying and then sharing with my public.

In addition to the steri-strips in place over the healing tear in the skin, sea salt water soaks, rubber ball exercises, ingestion of more vitamin E per week AND some deeper tissue massage, I am going to try Royal Jelly once the strips have fallen off because of my research and recent discovery that propolis, the resin collected by bees from certain tree bark and plants, is a combination of that resin with what bees have in their saliva, a more natural healing can be accelerated without side effects. My blood type cannot properly metabolize the enzymes and proteins in Aloe, so I have stopped using that holistic plant treatment.

Scabbing and scarring of the integument when torn and traumatized is best dealt with when natural lubricants like Olive oil, Aloe or Royal Jelly is gently massaged into the damaged area, or so I will prove to myself in a week or so. The hand is tight right now although range of motion is seemingly appropriate consider the extent of the damage done to the first two layers of flesh; however I am worried about muscle re-generation, if I will actually be able to play guitar again without some discomfort...

In the mean time does anyone know of any plant cellulose I can ingest more often to create more collagen to repair below the subcutaneous tissue that was ripped into ?

one of my lights, ~Erica

First Aid Kit

I'm looking to put together a first aid kit for both my car and for camping.  I managed to find some ammunition boxes that will do very well for keeping things intact and dry.  I would like to put a few holistic items in there as well.  What would you recommend be good things to put in along with the traditional items?  Lavendar oil will certainly be going in, but other than that, I can't think of much else.  


Homemade shampoos

Some tried and true recipes for homemade, all-natural shampoos that you love? Please and thank you much! : )
Hi guys.

In this times, the collective awareness is changing for the positive form (in some cases), that's why that much entrepreneurs and developers dedicate your minds and strivings in create new technologies and solutions for the environment.

In my country, Chile, an industrial mechanic and entrepreneur (with whom I had the pleasure of working) was dedicated to create electric cars, this cars will go on sale soon.

I post the links of the cars and photos of the models


@VoZE_EV in twitter

Best regards

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