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A vegetarian diet is one way to start towards living a healthy and long life.

Reducing meat consumption helps improve mood.

Eating healthy veggies reduces symptoms of psoriasis.

Lessens the risk for diabetes.

Reduce risk for Cardiovascular disease.

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Creaking Faucet the Price to Save Water?

Almost three years ago I moved to an apartment that has a bathroom faucet with handles like this http://img.wfrcdn.com/lf/46/hash/819/1065745/1/1/1.jpg the one you turn on by turning the handles.
My old apartment had a bathroom faucet you turn on by pulling the "knob" up.

I couldn't try to save water turning the water off and on for instance turning on the water a little bit to get your hands wet when you washing you hand after you take a dump, turn the water off, lather up your hands, turn the water back on to rinse them, and then turn off the faucet with a "knob" faucet because it was awkward and it wore out the the "knob" by pulling it up and down like that.

With the faucet like this one http://img.wfrcdn.com/lf/46/hash/819/1065745/1/1/1.jpg I could save water by using the mentioned method--so I thought! Now the hot handle is creaking and getting hard to move and I worried the cold handle could end up the same way!
I have to save water! I worry I would have to chose between saving water and messing up the faucet by using my method!
What can I do?


I've been adding vinegar and lemon juice to some Dawn dishwashing detergent and shake the bottle before using it. But that causes it to foam up. My mom told me not to do this again because she says that makes it ineffective. Is that true? What can I do to keep it from foaming?


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Come now! I welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay.

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