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A top spine surgeon in LA recommends these 3 exercises:
1. Hip Extensions
2. Goblet Squats
3. Dumbbell Rows

Current medical research suggests that strength training exercises are the most effective fitness regimen for maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Yet less than 25% of people over the age of 45 participate in strength training exercises.  There is also no disputing that the strength of our muscles slowly and spine consistently declines as we age unless we do something about it.
Read more here.

I literally just stumbled upon a great article on a world's top spine surgeon's blog! Read this for a more in depth analysis of each ingredient! Below will just be a basic list.

1. Ginger:

2.  Turmeric:

3.  Cat’s Claw:

4. Cayenne Pepper:
5. Boswellia:
6. Licorice:
7. Fish Oil:
8. Holy Basil:
9. Panax ginseng:
10. St. John’s Wort:

9 Natural Ways to Shred Belly Fat

Found a great article written by a GI doctor, these foods will help you lose belly fat and are easily found in your home already.  Of course exercise and a clean diet is important as well, do not forget to do some form of physical exercise daily and eat foods low in fat!
Read more here.

Long Beach Compounding Pharmacy

Coconut Water is actually healthier than water due to its potassium, electrolytes, sodium, and magnesium.

Milk has many healthy components including Glutathione which has been proven to reduce alzheimer's and parkinson's disease in adults.

Green tea can destroy cancer cells, stabilize blood sugar, reduce high blood pressure, and regulates cholesterol.

Learn more about these healthy alternatives here.

Building a Beautiful Garden

Never underestimate the power of a beautiful garden!  My husband says nothing is sexier than seeing me do work in the garden... I don't know if he's telling the truth, but I can say it does feel rewarding and makes our house look so much better.  Not to mention I get to eat delicious fresh vegetables that are pesticide free.  I don't spend long hours to maintain it either I just follow some simple steps.
Here is an example of a guide to help beginners get their garden looking professional from stratch.
Good luck boys and girls, feel free to leave me any questions or comments here and lets help each other build a beautiful garden!  Because you never know what kind of chemicals are in your everyday veggies.
-Mely over n out ;)

Undyed Towels/Reusable Toilet Paper

Anyone know where online I can find not-too-expensive unbleached and undyed/naturally dyed washcloths? They don't have to be of great quality because I'm going to use them as reusable toilet paper.

Alternatively, does anyone have any suggestions for fabric to use as reusable toilet paper? I've tried fleece, cotton sewing scraps, and car rags (which are the best so far). None of them are absorbent enough.

Sorry mods, I couldn't figure out which tags were appropriate.

drug test paranoia

hey all,

i'm applying to lots of jobs and will potentially have a drug test coming up in about 1-2 weeks. i don't do drugs, but my boyfriend smokes his pax vaporizer in his room with the door closed and i don't go in there so i'm pretty sure i'm safe in that regard

my bigger concern is that i take a lot of herbal supplements: various hormone balancing blends, maca, hemp seeds, hemp oil, milk thistle, etc...  are there any herbs that you know of that i should particularly avoid? am i being crazy? i CANNOT fail a drug test  that would be devastating

ok i'm prob being a psycho over here but i don't want to be a poppy seed incident lol THANKS!

Acid Reflux During Pregnancy

Does anyone have a natural remedy for acid reflux during pregnancy?

For years I've been told apple cider vinegar helps for this problem but for me it seems to make it worse!

The only thing working is tums and I can't keep taking those. They give you kidney stones. Eeek!

I'm five months pregnant and I've never had this problem in my entire life until now but it seems like everything I eat causes it. Could be worse, it isn't horrible but it's pretty annoying.

Thanks so much in advance for all your help!! YOU ROOL!!

DAO pill of eternal life

DAO pill of eternal life

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From secret daoists living 500 years.

Absolutely natural.

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Your weight will decrease. Your bode will be younger and healthy.

How many time You will repeat the course, it depends on how younger You need to be.

Price 3000 USD.

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cell phone: +7 916 990 95 65

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Product/process shift

One of my goals for this year is to start going more natural. As I'm running out of products I'm trying to replace them with natural means rather than buying more. *product* doesn't seem to be so much of an issue as adjusting the required *process*.

EG...replacing conditioner with coconut oil. I've found it seems to work pretty good, but..with the solid state of coconut oil, I'm thinking I now need a warming plate in my bathroom so I can apply it easier. I haven't looked yet. Do bathroom warming plates exist?

I've heard about the no-poo thing for YEARs and would love to make that work as my shampoo supply is now dwindling, but in the past I struggled with getting the amounts/mixtures right and ideally doing it in the shower so I can use warm rather than cold water. What's the best implementation of this that made it easy to convert?

Totally open to other suggestions and resources as well. I got a sampling of a few essential oils which I'm sure could be useful for some of this purpose, and I've considered buying more but don't know which ones I need, whether I should be saving certain types of jars or buying spray bottles etc. Is there a good "step by step process to going natural" that covers all these silly sorts of details to make it easy to switch in a busy life? I don't have time to do tons of research. I'd love to start out knowing "I'm making a batch of X and the best container for it is Y" rather than making it, thinking it's cool, but then spend a month not using it because...well the oil is there but it's hard and I need to warm it up.... as is currently happening.

thank you for advice and direction!

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