Let's talk about teeth

Hi everyone, first time posting here. I would love it if people could share information on the following topics:

* Foods that can help strengthen teeth
* Natural remedies for tooth pain

I am especially looking for answers based on personal experience. I have already found a lot of information online on these topics, but for me, someone telling me they've personally tried something is the best test. Thanks so much for your help!

Maca Root Tips

I just started making my own supplement tablets using the Capsule Connection because I got a bag of maca root powder that I was going to use in my smoothies but couldn't handle the flavor so I'm just going to encapsulate them and take them that way. My question to you all is what if anything should I add to the maca to optimize its benefits? I know adding black pepper to turmeric helps you to get all the benefits from it. Does maca need anything else?

Also would you use vegetable capsules or gelatin capsules?

Master Tonic

Hello, does anyone here brew the Master Tonic and take it to combat illness or for general well being? The recipes I've seen online all include garlic, onion, horseradish, ginger, hot peppers and AVC. Just trying to sort out the hype from the internet. Thanks!!
1.  We want to be desired.
When we know that someone loves us, wants us of all his body and soul, we feel a surge of energy and strength, which we thought we were not able to have before. Beloved person is always on the side of his woman, he is her support and strength. Then we, women feel stability, and it is an indescribable feeling.
We like when you, man call us, write , are interested in all the details and minutiae of our lived day. How important it is to have someone to whom we can turn when we feel bad and lonely.
2. The women need a friend.
The most important aspect of a romantic relationship - is, above all, a sense of necessity, but the relationship will not be real, and will never advance if people don't begin to listen to and hear each other.
3 We want to feel special.
If a man really loves his woman, he will show it to her. He'll convince this by any means: bestowing flowers, candy, chocolate, icecream,   sweets  (and not just on holidays), giving attention to, and even if the whole day he is busy, he'll find a minute of his time, and write her "I love you. "
Men can enjoy their actions, because by doing what they like, they delight their women. In the end, they will have common traditions and interests.

what do women want

Appetite stimulators

What are some natural appetite stimulators, either supplements, foods or practices?
My friend is concerned about his lack of appetite, mainly due to stress, and would like something to jump start his appetite so he can consume enough calories.

I've heard of alfalfa and neem. Are there any others you have had success with?

Thank you!
I'm using a peppermint oil based insecticide and some of it got on my hands and whenever I have contact with the surfaces I sprayed it it's on my hands. It feels like the same way you would feel to have Vick's Vapor Rub on your skin and it hard to get it off!. Am I using too much? How do I remove it from my hands and everything else?
Can anyone point me to a list of ingredients of exactly which herbs/ingredients were in the old formula of Vitanica's "Yeast Arrest" product?
(or if anyone just happens to remember).

I know it contained Boric Acid and Oregon Grape Root (Berberis/Mahonia aquifolium), but I'm sure there were maybe a couple more key herbs that I can't seem to recall.

I'm hoping to re-create a similar version for myself as I am rather disappointed with the newer formula...

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Sep. 14th, 2014

Let's get as many people as we can to watch this. It's the combined effort of 7 schools trying to make a difference. This video is just one of our endeavours. The rest can be found on our website www.respectfortheearth.com
I've been trying to make boric acid roach baits with boric acid, flour, grease (can you use used vegetable oil or does it have to be meat drippings?), and recently white sugar. But the roaches don't appear to be interested, I've put them at the outer corners inside the kitchen cabinets because I think that's where they are hiding, do they need to be closer to the wall to be more effective? Also the boric acid baits hopefully will take out any hidden nests.

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