spokenonlyonce (spokenonlyonce) wrote in naturalliving,

what helps your body to absorb water?

Hey everyone, I worry sometimes that I might be dehydrated because my skin is very dry and I have a friend who has a scale that tell you how hydrated you are, and when I used it it said I was slightly dehydrated. But I drink water all the time, at least as much as the recommended 8 glasses a day but usually more. So I'm just wondering, what can I do to help my body absorb that water? I'm drinking water and going to the bathroom all the time, but I'm still dehydrated? I've heard that fruit can help and have tried to eat more fresh fruits (I was getting a lot of my fruit servings from dried fruit and fruit juice) but is there anything else (supplements, other foods, etc.) you can recommend? Thanks!
Tags: water: drinking
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