Shake the Stars Down... (nofunk) wrote in naturalliving,
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dry sinuses

Hello All,

Help! My sinuses are sooooo dry! They're cracked and bleeding and very tender; I don't think they've ever been this bad. What I really need is a humidifier, but I am highly allergic to dust mites, and keeping the humidity low helps to keep them at bay. I may resort to a humidifier anyway, but I was wondering if you guys have any other ideas.

Is there any way to treat my dry sinuses? The problem is right where the nostrils narrow to enter the sinus, so I'm not sure that a saline spray would help (since that is shot into the sinus), and I have a neti pot but it hurts too much to use that right now.

Is there anything I could actually apply to the inside of my nose to soothe and heal it? I think a big part of the problem is that the dust in my apartment and the cold air cause me to blow my nose a lot, and that, combined with the dry air, means my nose never gets a chance to heal. If there were something like a salve that I could apply to the inside of my nose, perhaps right before bed, then maybe it would have a chance to heal.

Any suggestions are welcome! Anything to stop the ache and the bloody tissues! (Sorry of this is graphic!)
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