samayyah (samayyah) wrote in naturalliving,

baking soda deodorant issues

I have been using baking soda as a deodorant for a few months now, and although it has worked amazingly well for controlling sweat and odor issues, I'm finding I'm having a few problems with it:

1) my underarms have started to get darker and sometimes they itch a great deal
2) the baking soda leaves residue on *some* clothing and not others...any idea why??

A few days ago I started applying vitamin e oil to my underarms (after I shower and before applying the baking soda) to see if it would change my underarm dryness and perhaps improve the discoloration, but I haven't noticed much difference. Anyone have the same issues??

**If it helps, I have semi-excessive sweat issues and I haven't used an antiperspirant for over a year now. Also, about a week after I began using bs, my underarms itched like crazy and after a week or two of "adjusting", they stopped itching on a regular basis. Any thoughts on whether or not my body just got "used" to it??

Any help would be much appreciated!!
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