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Fish oil as a mood stabilizer?

I was doing some google-powered research on mood stabilizers and the first site I came across listed fish oil (omega-3 fatty acids specifically) as a mood stabilizer that has actually been shown effective by research. I suspect it's nowhere near as effective as something like lithium (but probably also doesn't have as strong of side effects), but the site summarized a number of studies suggesting its effectiveness. Here is a link:

Has anyone heard of this before? For some background, I have bipolar disorder type ii, which means only hypomanic episodes (meaning I might barely sleep for a few days, being much more social/productive/irritable than usual, but I never experience the super scary symptoms like delusions or making really bad decisions like gambling or spending all of my money, sex with strangers, running out in the middle of the night, etc). A psychiatrist suggested that I try mood stabilizers to treat both the hypomanic and depressive symptoms, but because I was managing to prevent hypomanic episodes really well by limiting caffiene and having a regular eating, sleeping, and exercising routine (sleep deprivation really seems to bring them on), I didn't want to go on something so strong and elected just to stay on my regular antidepressant (Wellbutrin, does nothing for hypomania/anxiety but keeps my depressive symptoms manageable and improves my focus). But because fish oil obviously doesn't have the same side effects as something like lithium, I'm curious to try it now.

And if I decide to try this, can anyone suggest a good omega-3s supplement? I'm not vegan (pescetarian actually) so fish oil based is fine.
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