Goth Lauren (goth_lauren) wrote in naturalliving,
  • Mood: sore

ingorwn hair

I have an ingrown my pubic area. It is NOT in the bikini area, rather, on the front...not near anything sensitive...just smack dab in the middle. worst one ever. haven't shaved/waxed/anything in a loooong time, so I don't know what caused it. so painful. it's been there for awhile, hasn't gotten worse or better. i want to avoid any insane chemicals (i read something about glycolic acid i think) and definitely avoid a trip to the dermatologist.

edit: i can't pull it out or exfoliate a little to get to the hair and pull it out, i tried. i can see a dark spot amidst all the red, that might be the hair... but i can't get to it. i've dealt with plenty of the more 'normal' ingrowns that can be tweezed out easily before, this aint one of em!
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