charlene (chalenegirl) wrote in naturalliving,

Gross fishy burps from Fish oil/omega 3 pills

hey guys,

I"ve purchased some Omega 3 enteric coated capsules for the first time. i used to take Nutri-seas's fish oil (lemon flavored) but it's too expensive and my money situation has changed a bit in the last month. after taking 2 pills today (one with lunch, and one with dinner), i'm noticing that i am burping, a disgusting, VILE, fishy flavoured burp. it's SO bad. it literally makes me want to vomit. I'm trying to control it, but i can't! the more i try to suppress it, the more i want to burp. is there anything i can do to stop this? i'm really lucky that i tried these on my day off as opposed to at work. it's been 4 hrs since dinner, and i'm still burping fishy-grossness. also, do any of you know if this is caused by poor quality capsules? just this minute i read that good quality fish oil capsules don't leave any taste or burp at all, but i don' tknow how reputable this source is (
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