The Forgotten Colloquialist (papermuse) wrote in naturalliving,

Humidifiers and Essential Oils

I have cool mist humidifier for my daughters room. One of the problems with it is of course the filter and keeping it bacteria free. I was looking around today and saw that they have things that you can add to the water to keep it bacteria free-however, its got all sorts of labels and warnings including-DO NOT INHALE. Now, for something you put into the water, to turn into a breathable mist, that doesn't sound very good to me. However, I have a ton of essential oils, and I have read different opinions on their use in cool mist humidifiers, but my thinking is that it has to be better than the chemical stuff, at least for you. And since e.o.'s are naturally anti-bacterial, then using an e.o. would serve a double purpose-infusing the air with the e.o. and keeping the filter (mostly) bacteria free. 

But before I go and use my e.o.'s, I wanted to ask if anyone here has personally used them in a cool mist humidifier and how that worked out for you. Would anyone recommend or not recommend doing this due to prior experience? I would use a warm mist one, but with an almost three year old who has suddenly decided that defying mom and dad is fun, I am afraid it wouldn't be safe at all. 

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