The Endless Womb (quixoticgirl) wrote in naturalliving,
  • Mood: bored

natural hair volumizer?

h'okay, so i went and got my hair cut today. she used the scary salon "quality" volumizing shampoo and conditioner on me before the cut. now, i've been diligently trying to replace the chemical-laden crap with stuff like Dr. B's but my hair always ends up flat and/or greasy.

and it just made my vanity rear its ugly head when i saw how light and fluffy and full and shiny my hair was after my hair being washed at the salon.

so, does anybody have any rec's as to what i could use that would either be a completely natural store bought volumizing shampoo that WORKS, or is there something i can do at home that would help instead?

i did no 'poo for a while, but the baking soda built up on my hair and it ended up getting kind of gross. i would like to go back to it but we've moved and the new shower doesn't always feel like it's getting my hair clean enough.

so any personal testimonials to store-bought stuff? or testimonials to homemade recipes i could use?

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