Canto ergo sum (periwinklemist) wrote in naturalliving,
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Irritated pierced ear.

Hey all!

So I've had pierced ears for 13 years, and lately the right ear got slightly irritated (earring got caught on jacket, got yanked). I've ceased wearing heavy earrings, and was wearing simple studs just to keep it from closing, and periodically I've been icing it to reduce swelling. It's not infected, just irritated. I remember when I got my belly-button pierced years ago, I was told to soak a washcloth in warm water with sea salt and use that as a compress for 10 minutes every day. Would something like that be advisable for my ear? And, sadly, I have no sea salt, only normal table salt - is there something around the typical house that could be used? As my parents are in town and likely highly demanding of my time, I won't be able to get sea salt any time this week.

It's much better since I iced it last night, but I want to make sure it actually is getting better. Thanks for any help!
Tags: body mods, ear/nose/throat
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