spinsterkitten (spinsterkitten) wrote in naturalliving,

Tattoo aftercare?

I have a few tattoos, and in the past I've used fragrance-free, lanolin-free lotion as they heal. I just got a back of the neck tattoo done and noticed that I don't have any lotion without fragrance in the house. So I'm using Ink Fixx which we still have some from my boyfriend's last tattoo. I don't mind it, but it seems so thick once you get past the 2nd healing day.

I have plain coconut oil, 100% pure. Can I use this after a few days to help keep it moist in healing? I was wondering if anyone has experience using it, or if we have any tattoo artists in the house.

If it's not a good idea, I'm sure I can go searching at Rite Aid for a cruelty-free lotion instead.
Tags: body mods, cosmetics
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