feministyogini (feministyogini) wrote in naturalliving,

Keeping squirrels off tomato plants

Our plump lovely growing tomato was stolen by a squirrel today - it left remnants :(
We've had others go missing too.

The squirrels seem to target the tomatoes growing on my deck in containers, they haven't found the tomatoes growing in the garden yet :::fingers crossed::: 

I went to Home Depot today to buy chicken wire to keep them out but the person suggested using cayenne pepper around the perimeter of the container to keep the squirrels away from the tomatoes.  I sprinkled some earlier:

1+ has anyone else had luck with ground cayenne pepper as a squirrel deterrent?
2+ any other suggestions for keeping the squirrels out of the tomatoes? 
Tags: gardening/yard care, pest control: outdoor
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