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Pet urine in old unfinished wood floors

We have a 200+ yr old home we bought 4 years ago. We are restoring it one room at a time. One of the unrestored rooms has an original unfinished wood floor that was originally covered with a rug tacked down (meaning it was never sealed or painted). We think a dog or cat was peeing in there regularly, because with the rug now removed we have a terrible time keeping our pets from peeing in that particular room (they don't in any other)

Since the floor was never finished/sealed, the urine has long since soaked into the wood. I've used every single cleaner, enzyme, spray, solution, concoction, and scrub I can get my hands on but nothing is working in this situation. Its to the point that I can't stand going into that room because of the smell, which is worsened by rainy/damp/humid weather. There are no stains, just a horrendous stale urine odor.

We can not afford to rip up and replace the floor. But I'm starting to wonder if we just go ahead and sand it down and seal it well if that will seal in the urine well enough that you can't smell it anymore. Or will it make it worse?

Anyone have any experience with this bad of a problem? Any suggestions?

(PS. I know this is not necessarily a "naturalliving" question of sorts, but I'm at a loss as to where else to post this question and get serious, mature responses... if you have any suggestions in that aspect as well, please let me know!)

[ETA: I should have also mentioned that there are no apparent "stains"... its only odor.]
Tags: home: cleaning, odor removal, pets
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