imafarmgirl (imafarmgirl) wrote in naturalliving,

Making Applesauce?

I'm sorry I am always asking cooking questions. I really need to join a natural cooking community. Bad me!

I have a bag of green apples. I want to make applesauce. I did this a lot with my mom with apples from our tree. We always peeled them but many were wormy or needed parts cut out from falling on the ground. These apples I have do not have that issue. Should I still peel them or can I leave the peels on?

Also, how much water do I put in the applesauce? I will put cinnamon and I've heard if you add a bit of lemon juice it helps keep them from turning so brown, even though I'm blind and don't care what color they turn. Also I plan to put a bit of turbinato sugar. Is there anything else I should add to the sauce? Any other tips? I am not going to can it, there aren't enough apples, but I figure I can have fresh sauce with pork chops tonight, and fresh sauce for a few days. Thanks for any help.
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