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Low glycemic alternative flours

My boyfriend and I want to make a giant batch of stuffed pastries/baked dumplings tomorrow that will freeze well, so they can be like homemade, whole-food Hot Pockets. We have a knish recipe that says it freezes well as a possible place to start. I'm not married to the idea, though, and intend to alter the filling recipe significantly.
What I'm wondering is if I can perhaps substitute garbanzo/chickpea flour for the white wheat flour, or some other alternate flour? I've never cooked with such flours before, but I'd like to try. I live like two blocks from a natural foods store, so I should have access to more exotic flours. I just happen to already have chickpea flour that I've been looking for a good recipe to make with it. (I don't like falafel.) Does someone maybe even have a recipe that they know freezes well, or will at least
My goal is to make the dumplings lower glycemic and higher protein so that they're a good fast food for me, too. (I really learned my lesson today with my potato laden, protein deficient lunch that made me sooooooo tired I meant to just close my eyes for a second and I napped for an hour and a half. I need to take care of myself better!) I don't care if it's gluten free, but the protein difference seems to be negligible for whole vs white wheat flour.
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