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How long can yogurt stay unrefrigerated?

I have two contexts for this question:

1) I just discovered I left a sealed small cup of Stonyfield Farms raspberry yogurt out of the fridge overnight - I bought it around 8:30 last night and it's now 6:20pm the next day. Safe to eat? I stuck it in the fridge but won't eat it until I get some feedback - I know yogurt doesn't need refrigeration as urgently as regular milk, but I'm a little skeeved to eat it. What do you think?

2) Similarly, how long do you think yogurt can stay out of the fridge in general, in the case of taking it with you to work or school, or loss of electricity? Is kefir the same in terms of how long it keeps?


EDITED TO ADD: Thanks for the responses, folks. They were helpful. Since I am prone to tummy troubles, and this isn't straight yogurt but rather has fruit and sweeteners in it that could possibly go bad even if the dairy itself didn't, I chose to throw it out. But it's good to know that if I kept a cup of yogurt out for, say, 12 hours (as opposed to 24) it should be okay to eat.
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