byrthebb (byrthebb) wrote in naturalliving,

Acid Reflux/GERD

I checked on Google but was hoping some of you could help me as well.

I've recently (in about the past year) developed Acid Reflux. I am quite sure one of the reasons is that I eat too fast but I'm sure that is only one of the reasons.


From what I've been reading- coffee (which I don't drink) & tea are out. Caffeinated and decaf for both. I love tea. I would think decaf would be OK but apparently not.
So- I am OK with drinking herbal tea. I just need/want to know what is the best for someone with Acid Reflux. I also read that chamomile is good, which brings me to my next question.
I have some Sleepytime® Herbal Tea by Celestial Seasonings. It is a chamomile tea but it has other stuff in it.

Now I know or have read that peppermint is bad if you have Acid Reflux but this tea has spearmint. Does anyone know if spearmint is OK?

Please advise. Many, many thanks!

Also - if you have any other advice for me concerning Acid Reflux- it would be greatly appreciated.
Tags: digestive health, remedies
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