Mixed feelings (gemfyre) wrote in naturalliving,
  • Mood: sick

Neti with a blocked nose

I've recently started becoming quite proficient with my neti pot - it's great when I have morning sniffles or a drippy nose.

At the moment I have a fully clogged up nose/sinuses. It feels like someone has poured epoxy resin or something up my nose and it's hardened solid. When I try to do the neti thing most of not all of the water just flows back out of the nostril I'm pouring into, I'm assuming because there is a heap of crud in the way of it. If I could get some water flowing through I guess it would help dislodge more and more of the... snot.

Any tips for clearing a clogged up nose? It's awfully unpleasant to have to breathe completely with my mouth and it makes my throat irritated.

Tags: cold and flu, ear/nose/throat, neti-pot
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