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Neti Pot and ear syringe issues/ questions.

Back story: I have had this weird thing the past few months where all of the sudden (in multiple settings so it's not an environmental thing) I get this weird smell in my nose. I can't truly compare the smell to anything though. It will last for a few hours and go away. Sometimes it makes me sneeze. I did some research and it could be post nasal drip build up, or some sort of infection. Today it was slightly more intense, I could taste the smell too. I felt like I had very bad breath. I have allergies. The gland things (adenoids?) in my nose are always swollen. My doctor put me on FloNase at one point, but it gave me migraines. When ever I go to the Doc she tries to put me back on them, but realistically it has never bothered me... until this smell thing started.
I have been wanting a Netipot for a while and today I got one. I thought it could only help this situation. Also it was a long work week, and I thought a little pampering would do me good! SO I tried the netipot, and I got the hang of it pretty quickly. It felt cool though All the came out each nostril was water, I was hoping for something dramatic to happen so I could be magically cured. I did the Neti pot twice tonight as suggested for maximum results. I was thinking it there truly is sort of infection

could I add a little hydrogen peroxide to the saline? I looked on line and saw some sourses that said I could, and some said no. Your thoughts?

After doing creepy things to my orifices with water I decided that I should syringe my ears out. It has been a long times since I have done that. I have always had a problem with earwax build up. Apparently my family has extra sticky ear wax. I again consulted the memories here for any tips about loosening earwax. I read about adding a little olive oil to loosen the wax prior to rinsing the ear canal out with a bulb syringe. I put a little extra virgin in each ear canal for about 5 mins and started to syringe away. Nothing happened. No plugs of wax came out (gross I know... sorry) My balance is a little thrown off and I think I have water still stick in my ear is spite of hopping around my bathroom with my head at an angle trying to dislodge any water (or wax) that is stuck in there.

Did I miss something? Did I do this wrong? Did I just dance around my bathroom looking like a loon only to cause further hearing issues to myself. Advice? Please?

Have a lovely weekend all my natural lovelies!
Tags: ear/nose/throat, neti-pot
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