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silicone build up in hair

So I went and got my hair cut yesterday, and the salon girl told me I had silicone build up in my hair (lots of it, apparently), and of course, that I needed to buy salon shampoo. I brushed it off (oh well, no pun intended, oops) as the obvious marketing ploy that it was, but a few things she said about silicone build up made sense. Like lately, my hair does get dirtier quicker and feels not as nice as it used to. I can pinpoint this starting back to when I went overseas and took not my usual shampoo, but some possibly expensive, perhaps salon stuff, that I'd been gifted for Christmas. Since then my hair has not recovered.

My usual shampoo is an Australian brand called Organic Instinct, and I had a brief look through the ingredients. Now I am no scientist, but I'm pretty sure there is no silicone in it, though I don't know how silicone would hide. It seems to me that my hair was doing just fine before I used that other shampoo, and now even though I've been back on my usual for three months now, it's still suffering for it. Also, it seems to suffer a bit after getting washed when I get it cut, and I've been meaning to stop it, but I like the feeling of someone else washing my hair. It's like a treat to my head, but not really to my hair.

Anyway, I tried Googling around for information on silicone build up in hair and what not, but all I found were stupid beauty magazine sites. I thought that here would be a good place to ask questions, so thanks for any answers! I just want to know how silicone could hide, what it does, and how to get rid of it without submitting to the marketing ploy that is salon shampoo.

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