o_O (shutyoureyes) wrote in naturalliving,

mosquito repellent for my face?

so i just started an internship where i work 6-8 hour shifts out in mosquito-infested wooded areas. i have been wearing jean-like pants, a tank top, a shirt, and a zip-up hoodie. my legs and arms are all bitten up, and i have a few bites on my face and neck. it itches like hell and i wake up in the middle of the night from the itchiness and am unable to fall back asleep easily because of that.
it's starting to get warm and i don't want to be wearing all those layers. it doesn't even seem like my pants or jacket keeps the mosquitos away from my arms or legs.

they constantly swarm and land all over my face/hands, which are the only places i can feel them land and it drives me nuts.

I bought Herbal Armor bug spray (http://www.amazon.com/All-Terrain-Herbal-Armor-Outdoor/dp/B000MWDYAY) but it only seemed to keep the mosquitos away for 10 minutes. i also ate a bunch of garlic with my eggs in the morning, but i doubt that did anything to keep them away.

i bought eucalyptus lemon essential oils to mix with a carrier oil to put on my skin/clothing tomorrow. i don't know what else to try.
this internship lasts for two months and i don't know how i will be able to deal with this without going crazy.

i know there are tons of memories on mosquito repellent stuff and that's why i got the Herbal Armor and eucalyptus lemon oil, but i need something that works!

the main thing is, i need something i can put on my face that will keep them away.
i know that a bug net won't work because i'm constantly bush whacking/dodging low hanging branches and the net would just get torn.

i just counted my bites. i have exactly 100 (that i was able to see) and i promise that is not an exaggeration..
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