A (awilynt) wrote in naturalliving,

Cat litter that won't get tracked all over my apartment

 I need some help with cat litter. When I first adopted my cat, Cow, he came with a half used box of traditional clay litter, and as soon as  the box has been finished, I switched him over to the clumping Feline Pine. I loved the odor control, but the litter was so light that he tracked it all over my apartment, in spite of the fact that he has to walk across a litter mat and a bathroom rug before getting to the rest of the apartment. I live in a tiny apartment - it's a 350 sf studio - and having cat litter everywhere quite literally drove me insane. I then tried the original non-clumping Feline Pine, which solved my tracking problem, but Cow sometimes has difficulty actually covering his poop with the large pellets, which prevents the odor control from doing anything and in a tiny apartment that means that the entire place will smell. It technically isn't a big deal for me to go and cover it up for him, but it's certainly unpleasant to come home to a warm house that smells like cat poop. I've read through the archives and have been able to find a whole host of recommendations for environmentally friendly, cat friendly litters, but no one talks about how much they track. I'm specifically looking for recommendations for cat litter that has solid odor control that won't get tracked all over my apartment.  
Tags: pets: cats
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