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If you’ve ever been into a health food store,

you’ve probably come across a brand called Auromere.  These days, Auromere ayurvedic products, from Neem powered toothpastes to mudbaths and incense are easily recognized in any health food market.  But 30 years ago, when Auromere first started out, Neem was unheard of and they introduced Auryuvedic health care to the Western world in a big way, fascinating the alternative health community with previously unknown products.  And until recently, I had no idea why Auromere was destined to be my favorite Aurovedic brand.

Far, far away, not far from the southern city of Chennai,  you might find the legacy of two of the twentieth century’s greatest utopian innovators: 


Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfasa, aka., The Mother.  These two spiritual partners collaborated to express their unique truth and message to the world with a revolutionary vision:  Integral Yoga.  While other spiritual teachers in India were guiding their students to renounce their bodies and deny the material world, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother confidently believed that a pure state of spiritual bliss was possible to normal folks, here on Earth.  They believed and taught about a regularized healthy way that could allow people to live fulfilling, active lives.  Their vision was in many ways quite simple.  They focused on the basics, on exercise and education, on daily healthy activity and creative acts, and taught about their brand of spiritual fulfillment that was available to everyone.  To fully realize their vision, The Mother imagined a beautiful city, a new paradigm of community, creating a harmonized physical town called Auroville.


You would have to see Auroville to believe it, so here you go… The crown jewel of Auroville, in the very center of the city design is a giant orb covered Auromere Ayurvedic Products, Why Auromere is my favorite Ayurvedic brandwith golden disks, an immaculate meditation chamber called the Matra Mandir. I have personally meditated in the top of the orb and it was a bit of a life changing experience.


Auroville was imagined to be a full working community.  Intertwined with all of this vision, Sri Aurobindo had a deep passion for his native India and the Indian tradition, and Ayurvedic medicine is one of India’s great traditional sciences.  And that is where Auromere comes into play.

Why Auromere Ayurvedic Products? The community of people who created Auromere,

maker of your favorite Ayurvedic toothpaste are a part of the Integral Yoga community and it was a great pleasure to learn that they give a portion of their proceeds to support the Integral Yoga community in India, and also to directly help some poor communities in regions nearby too.  It’s always great to learn that a company is even better than you thought it was.  Thank you Auromere for being an excellent business and putting people before profit.

Why Auromere ayurvedic products?  It’s fantastic!  If you want to visit Auromere, it is open to the public.  The easiest access is by way of flight to Chennai (Madras).  It’s worth the trip.


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