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Poison Ivy!

I am very surprised that there are no entries on this topic yet, unless they are under a memory heading I have not yet figured out.... In any case I shall continue.

I am have been guaranteed (by my doctor) that the reaction I am having is to a poison ivy blister I got a week ago. And now my body is reacting delayed and very angrily and I am covered in very itchy hive-like bumps. They aren't blisters like the original, but red, hot and ITCHY. The doctor prescribed me an apparently strong cream which I am willing to fill if I cannot find relief in a natural way. But please, please if any one has any suggestions I would much rather not have to use it. Also, I am unable to use it on the giant red ones on my face, as it is so strong, so suggestions are much loved. :)

EDIT: I have found the oatmeal solution to be very good in relief from itching, however it doesn't last long after I remove it. BUT I thought I would share that I accidentally discovered that tea tree oil, very diluted, helps amazingly. The hives have already reduced in size and stopped itching, and a few sources confirm that it is good for both poison ivy and hives.
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