permavultur (permavultur) wrote in naturalliving,

Celery Juice Powder

I have been researching meats free from artificial nitrates and, deciding to start 'uncuring' my meats at home by myself, I now need a source for Celery Juice Powder. (The intended use goes something like this: The natural sodium in the powdered juice is an organic replacement for the nitrates and nitrites that are typically an important ingredient in cured meats; a bacterial culture (Staphylococcus carnosus) and the controlled fermentation it produces reduces nitrates and makes the food safe from botulism and other spoilage.)

Many listings for Celery Juice Powder online only show it as an ingredient in other products, or it is only available to businesses by other businesses, or it is only available in bulk from Chinese sources (non-organic from China, no thanks). I admit I am very new to meat preservation, and having only cured meat once using salt, I am not an expert. Finding American-made, certified organic Celery Juice Powder would be ideal, so thanks to you if you know where I can find some.

Edit: I'm also interested in exploring other substitutions such as ground celery powder or celery salt, so please offer your insight.
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