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Natural Living

Improving & Protecting the Earth, Mind, Body & Spirit

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8,000+ members discuss all aspects of natural, sustainable, organic & holistic living!
Live simply that others might simply live. -Elizabeth Seaton

The world is filled with toxins, harmful chemicals, pollutants, and other damaging substances. Things can seem so complicated sometimes that it's hard to know what to do to help our bodies and our earth, rather than harm them.

This community is dedicated to posing and answering those questions, and having conversations about everything that deals with natural living. We are here to encourage each other to live a simpler life.

Topics range from natural remedies for illnesses and homemade body product recipes to biking, organic gardening and thrifting (yes, shopping at thrift stores is wonderful for the earth!). Posts about vegetarianism, veganism, macrobiotic and raw diets are also welcome. Even posts that deal with being kind and compassionate to our fellow humans and the species we share the earth with are discussed. As long as there's a spin on natural living, almost anything goes!

Join in! It doesn't matter if you're just starting out, or if you've been at it for years. We'd love to have you as a member of our community.

Unfortunately, as is the case with any large community, we are occasionally blessed with a burst of fun-filled drama. As a result, we have developed the following guidelines and disclaimers. If you fail to adhere to these guidelines, your post, comment, and any discussion that follows may be frozen, screened, or deleted, based on moderator judgment. Bans (explained in further detail below) may be done with or without prior warning. All bans are permanent.

Here are the guidelines for posting to naturalliving:
  • Please keep posts on-topic. The topic of this community is "living naturally," so anything that falls into that category should be fine. [Explained] [More Explanation]

  • Pro-ana posts are not acceptable and will be subject to deletion and user banning.

  • No copy and paste email/blog posts. If you got it chances are that interested folks also got it, ad nauseum.

  • Rules for Community debate:
    • No personal attacks.
    • Back your argument with a source if you can, preferably a factual source.
    • If you make an opinion statement, clearly indicate such.
    • Remember that debate is a discussion, and should remain friendly. You aren't necessarily trying to change someone else's mind so much as provide interesting, factually based information.
    • Stay on topic. If the post is about Water, please don’t shift to Cats. Start a new post if you want to change the topic of your comments.

  • If you feel someone's comment is out of line, please contact a mod about it.

  • Please tag your posts with all relevant tags from our list. If you'd like a tag added to the list, just ask. Please note that moderators reserve the right to modify your tags at any time. If you need more help using tags, please see this LJ FAQ, or a little tutorial post written by one of our mods here.

  • Please do not post about illegal activities. (i.e. getting out of drug tests)

  • Comment-disabled posts and flounce posts and comments will be automatically deleted and the user banned. Please accept this macro as a parting gift. [Explained]

  • Please do not delete, screen, or freeze comments (your own or those posted by others). This is not fair to others and, should an issue arise, the moderators will be able to deal with it best if all comments are present. If you feel a comment is inappropriate, please contact a moderator. [Explained]

  • Please do not re-post the contents (including comments) of members-only (friends locked) posts. The whole point of having a post members-only is that it is not public. Please respect the original author. Anyone seen re-posting locked content will promptly be banned, without warning.

  • Please post housekeeping/moderator questions and comments ("How do I use the memories?", "Why was my post deleted?", etc.) to naturallvn_mods, or email a moderator directly at naturallivin@gmail.com. DO NOT contact the moderators using their personal email addresses, personal journals, or personal IMs.

  • Please be respectful of the requests of the author. If the author asks for recommendations for vegetarian recipes, please don't tell them they should eat meat and give them a non-vegetarian recipe. If you have been having a lengthy debate with another commenter and the author asks you to move the discussion elsewhere, please move it to email, LiveJournal IM, or create a new post for the discussion.

  • Please be respectful of requests made by a moderator. If you have been asked to edit your post, please do so or it may be removed. If you have been asked to tone it down in a discussion please comply rather than argue with the mod about why you should use that tone. Questions concerning clarification of moderator requests may be posted on the naturallvn_mods community or emailed to us.

  • Advertisements, Community Promotions, and Vote-for-me posts are not allowed unless you email the moderators first (at naturallivin@gmail.com) and we approve it as something the members of this community would find relevant. This includes ads/promotions not associated with LiveJournal. Sales of items or services will not be approved. If your post is approved, you may only post once and *cannot* continue making promo posts indefinitely on this community. Any ad/promotion not approved by a moderator, even if it's on topic, will be deleted. All sales posts will be deleted. [Explained]

  • For your own safety and for the protection of the community and its members, please do not post entries asking for a diagnosis of a health condition or ideas as to what might be causing your particular symptoms. However, if you are simply seeking remedies, feel free to ask away! [Explained] [More Explanation] [Even More Explanation]

  • Finally and most importantly, please remain civil. Do not engage in discriminatory and insulting language, hostility, rudeness, or elitism. What's meant by "elitism" is putting others down because you feel you live more naturally. Examples include insulting members for smoking, eating/not eating meat, not breastfeeding,political posts, etc. This particular rule is taken very seriously. Everyone is willing and able to do more or less than others, but something is always better than nothing. We will not hesitate to ban members who engage in habitual hostility, rudeness, or elitism(one-comment bans will very very rarely occur). [Explained] [More Explanation]

Many members of our community are very knowledgeable when it comes to natural (and often conventional) medicine. However, your health concerns (or those of a pet) should ultimately be between you and your (or its) health care professional. naturalliving does not claim responsibility for the consequences of advice you obtain here. Symptoms of a life-threatening nature should be treated immediately by contacting your (or your pet's) health care professional, or by calling 911, NOT by asking the internets. Please use common sense when symptoms are severe! [Explained]

naturalliving is proud to have members and moderators who enjoy a variety of lifestyles and diets. While we welcome food related posts, this community is not the place to debate the morality of our members' culinary choices. Any judgmental, rude, or elitist comments made by any parties will result in a warning and MAY result in a ban.

This community isn't about converting others to your views, it's about sharing, and respecting that not everyone is on the same path you are, though we are all trying to live more naturally. For some of us, living more naturally means doing just one small thing a day. For others it's doing everything possible. It's a spectrum, and we need to respect where others are in that spectrum, even if our personal views differ from where they're at.

Comments and questions welcome in naturallvn_mods
(Use the pencil icon on the mod-community info page to make a new post)
Or email us at naturallivin@gmail.com

Check out our memories section for answers to frequently asked questions
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A dictionary of abbreviations commonly used in naturalliving can be found here.

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